4 Ways to Earn Extra Cash For Your Next Big Trip

4 Ways to Earn Extra Cash For Your Next Big Trip

Can you see yourself on an African safari or picture yourself touring Italy? Can you imagine sunbathing on the beaches of Waikiki or skiing Vail? The Far East could be waiting for you. Spain, Morocco or the Greek Isles may be calling your name.
Before launching out to make some money for the trip of a lifetime, do a bit of figuring first and decide just how much you will need. Do some research on the Internet and look at the options. If you want to go on a cruise, for example, is having a cabin with a window or balcony a priority for you? If you’re taking a train, do you want your own sleeping compartment? These are decisions you’ll want to make now to get an accurate estimate of how much money you need to raise. Set up a budget. Don’t forget spending money, too.

Your dream trip can be within your reach soon by following some of these ways to make some extra cash.

Turn to Craigslist.com in your local area, looking under “gigs.” There are all sort of short-term opportunities listed like working in a booth at the convention center. You can also place a free ad under the “resume” section, advertising the skills you have to offer. As with any online resource, be selective. Some of the listing are sure to be suspect, but others are worth looking at as methods to build up your bank account.

Refinance High Interest Loans
If you already have loans, including student loans, a good way to reduce your monthly expenses, and thus save money for your trip is to refinance your loans. There are lending companies out there that aggregate loan refinance offers to show you the best option for your specific needs. For example, people who still have private student loan debt can easily refinance those loans at a much lower interest rate saving them hundreds of dollars a month. This extra money can be used for your wonderlust desires.

Money from Friends and Family
All of us have a friend or relative that values travel as much as we do. Perhaps, someone close to you will consider lending you the money for your trip now and allow you to make monthly payments to them when you return. You never know unless you ask. Just maybe they might want to join you on your travels.

Odds and Ends
Look around your neighborhood and start asking what others need. Does someone’s lawn never seem mowed? They may need help. Is your neighbor going on a trip of his own? Why not offer to house sit? Does one of the elderly people on your block have a problem walking? You could walk their dog. You get the picture.

If you want to be lounging by the pool sipping a cocktail in another country soon, get creative. Be resourceful. There are so many ways to make money all around you. Keep your eyes and ears open… and have as much fun making money as going on your trip. After all, it’s all a journey.

4 Ways to Earn Extra Cash For Your Next Big Trip

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