4 Tips on How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Art

4 Tips on How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Art

A chalkboard art can be a great addition to your bedroom, dining room or living room. You can also use it for events, such as birthday and graduation parties. But making an ideal art requires a bit of skill and time. The good thing is that it’s something you can actually do decoratively without having to be an art pro.

Make sure you have all the materials for your chalkboard art and lettering. Choose an image and quotes you love and set up the board ready to draw. Read on to learn more.

4 Tips on How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Art

1. Sketch the Design
If you don’t have an image you’d love to draw from, then you need to sketch out the design for your art first. The good thing is that you can spend time perfecting the design on the sketch paper. This way, it will be pretty easy to copy the design directly to your board.

Drawing your art on the chalkboard without a sketched design means you’ll end up drawing and erasing over and over on your board. A sketch just needs to be simple so that your central message or idea stands out clearly. Play with different font styles, at least three.

2. Use a Measuring Tape or a Ruler
Even with a sketch, it’s still possible to mess up your art. Ensure to get a measuring tape or a ruler to determine where your words will go. Don’t just eyeball the words and lines to determine whether they are on the correct line. You can also draw straight lines on the board.

A ruler is essential, especially when you are making a framed art. You want those border lines to be as linear as possible. You also need to determine the center of the board. You can draw two faint lines down the board to help you align all the details correctly.

3. Get the Right Chalk Markers
When creating chalk art or signs, you need to use high quality chalk markers. Typically, the markers should look bold and bright to suit the type of style you want for your art. Plus, they should also have dustless rich colors and should be easy to clean on most chalkboards.

Versachalk offers some great options, including bold and fine markers. They markers dry in seconds, and you can easily erase them from the board using a damp piece of cloth. You can also try to be creative by using different colored markers. This is great for signs and birthday art. White alone, on the other side, can be great for a subtle and straightforward art you can add to your space.

4. Get Your Sketch to the Board
Now that you have everything, including chalk markers, a bowl of water, damp cloth, Q-Tips, ruler, fonts, and the chalkboard itself, you need now to draw the art itself. Be sure to clean the board using a damp cloth. A typical eraser won’t get the job done well, and you also shouldn’t use paper towels for board cleaning.

If you have repetitive patterns or images, such as squares or circles, it’s better to use stencils. This is important when you’re making an Easter chalkboard art where you have to draw several egg shapes, bunnies, and chicks. Try to use different fonts to give your art a distinctive look. Super simple, bold, italic, and blocky font styles will do just fine.

When you’re satisfied with the final look, you can clean up your art using q-tips. Remove all the unnecessary spots and excess details along the edges of letters, shapes, and border.

Draw Your Art!
Essentially, you don’t need to be an expert to create your own chalkboard art. All you need are chalk markers, board, rules, and your art idea. Avoid aiming for perfection as you’ll end up being frustrated. Plus, you’ll need to erase the art someday for a new art. Just make it simple and fun!

4 Tips on How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Art

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