2019 Web Design Trends To Watch Out For

2019 Web Design Trends To Watch Out For

With 2018 almost over, web developers and their clients are eagerly waiting what 2019 has to offer. New technologies and markets are driving new trends in the web design industry. Web designers are experimenting with new techniques, and thanks to better browsers, it is now possible to use sharper colors and designs.

There are even hints now that CSS animation will become common next year. So if you want to know what’s in store for web designers next year, then here are the top 2019 web design trends.

Strong Colors
Digital platforms are using more and more bold, strong colors of late, and industry experts expect it to continue well into 2019. They are being used across various platforms. Maybe some companies are becoming bolder and braver in how they want to promote their brand assets, or perhaps they want are experimenting with new techniques, but what is certain is that they are all looking for a new “look” for their brands.

With the growth of the mobile phone market and the emergence of new platforms, web design companies are leaving safe web colors to try a more colorful approach in how they create their sites. Web developers are also relying on the availability of new screens and monitors to reproduce more vibrant and realistic colors for their sites.

2019 seems to be the year when flat will make a comeback, but it will be more like semi-flat than the actual flat used during the 2000’s. For starters, the new aesthetics will have more depth and nuance, particularly on key elements of each design.

It also won’t be as bland as the sites made in the 2000’s. Gradients will have bolder colors and transitions will be more subtle to make them more palatable to a corporate audience. Finally, shadows are also making a comeback, mainly due to better technology and improved browser functionality.

CSS Animation
CSS animations have been around for some time, but they seem ready to take off next year. Not only are they being used more and more by web developers, they are also being used in new and novel ways.

CSS animation is used by sites to enhance user experience and to make them more interactive. The latest CSS animations can also take on various forms, including background videos, scrolling effects, motion graphics.

Even users are aware of CSS animation, even if they can’t tell it apart from other types of animation. And as 2019 comes along, web designers can expect more demand for CSS animations. The resurgence of animation may seem like a rerun of earlier browser animations, but the technology makes them a lot better.

All in all, 2019 is shaping up to be a year of comebacks and experimental styles. These trends are partly driven by technology and also partly by a desire to use bolder colors for brands and logos.

Many of the trends in 2018 will also more likely persist into 2018, but we may also see the return of older styles from the 2000’s and probably a few surprises as well. There are definitely some interesting times ahead.

2019 Web Design Trends To Watch Out For

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